Reclaimed water working group

A Reclaimed Water Working Group was established to develop a framework to facilitate the safe use of reclaimed water for domestic applications such as toilet and/or urinal flushing, and subsurface irrigation in Alberta. This framework was to identify new standards and guidelines to mitigate potential health risks associated with using reclaimed water for domestic applications.

Alberta Reclaimed Water Working Group

Four government ministries participated in the development of the reclaimed water management framework and each was responsible for a particular reuse component of the provincial water system. The framework proposed by the working group was to encourage the identification of:

  • clear jurisdictions;
  • approved uses for reclaimed water;
  • water quality and technical standards/guidelines; and
  • management systems (e.g. approvals, monitoring and reporting requirements).

Other Initiatives

Work to establish water quality standards, treatment technology standards and best practices is also underway elsewhere in Alberta and Canada. Nationally, a working group comprised of government officials and invited experts was established by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Health and the Environment (CHE) to develop guidelines for using domestic reclaimed water for toilet and urinal flushing. To veiw these guidelines click here.

Working group members are also participating in development of technical guidelines for reclaimed water systems. The working group was represented on a Canadian Standards Association committee that developed a testing protocol for the certification of residential non-potable water treatment systems. The working group has also partnered with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Ontario Municipal Affairs and a number of municipalities to help the University of Guelph develop guidelines for design, construction and maintenance of residential rain water harvesting.

Contact Information

For additional information about the working group and using reclaimed water in Alberta, please contact the Public Safety Division of Alberta Municipal Affairs, at 1-866-421-6929.

  • Date modified: 2019-02-08