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MDRS Mandate

The Let's Resolve program offered by Municipal Dispute Resolution Services provides mediation and dispute resolution support and training to municipalities who want to improve how they deal with conflict. 

Motto   Local solution to local issues

Mission   Promote public confidence in local government by providing effective and innovative leadership and support to municipal organizations by encouraging intermunicipal cooperation and self directed dispute resolution through mediation and/or related dispute resolution activities.

Vision   All municipalities in Alberta have access to and are able to use dispute resolution services that allow them to effectively and efficiently develop local solutions to local issues.


  • Client service and confidentiality is a priority.
  • We acknowledge the importance of goodwill among the team members, clients and stakeholders.
  • We will inform all affected team members, stakeholders, contractors and clients of shared interests.
  • We will build trust by living up to commitments and avoiding surprises that may compromise the team members, stakeholders and clients.
  • We will involve all legitimate stakeholders to the fullest extent possible

Advisory Committee

Municipal Dispute Resolution Services is guided by input from the Advisory Committee, a body comprised of representatives from municipal and legal associations in Alberta, and the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society.

Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

History of Let's Resolve

Unique to Alberta, the Let's Resolve program was designed to foster municipal cooperation and conflict management. Learn moreā€¦

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