Mediator Roster / Mentoree Program

Mediator Roster

To assist municipalities in the mediation process, Municipal Dispute Resolution Services has developed a roster of private sector mediators with the assistance of representatives from the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, the Rural Municipalities of Alberta, the Local Government Administration Association, the Alberta Rural Municipal Administrators' Association, and the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society.

The roster is not a certification of competency or a credentialing process. It is designed to provide municipalities with a list of mediators who have relevant training and experience and who have expressed an interest in intermunicipal mediation.


Richard Assinger

Kerry Brown

Jeanne Byron

Nancy Love

Bill Diepeveen

Paula Drouin

Andrew Fulton

Bill Sutherland

Barbara McNeil

Chinwe Okelu

Karla Reesor

Nick Tywoniuk

Sharon Wilson

Erika Deines

Mentoree Program

The Intermunicipal Dispute Resolution Initiative is committed to fostering the development of mediation in Alberta.

Given the complexity of issues and the number of individuals involved in the process, MDRS strongly encourages two-member mediation teams. MDRS coordinates a program to provide mediators who have completed relevant dispute resolution training but may have limited local government experience with opportunities to assist roster mediators and serve as part of the mediation team.

Mentoring assignments will be made in consultation with the municipalities and roster mediators involved.

  • Date modified: 2018-07-19