Fire Code Bulletins

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 FCB-08-01  Electronic Liquid Measurement  Mar 08
 FCB-08-02  Calculating Occupant Loads in Assembly Occupancies  Aug 08
 FCB-09-01  Permits for Storage Tanks Installation, Alteration and Removal  Feb 09
 FCB-09-03  Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids  Apr 09
 FCB-09-04  Installation of Extinguishers on Vehicles  Reissued as 14-FCB-002
FCB-10-01  Interconnection of Smoke Alarms in Existing Secondary Suites  Reissued as a Variance AFC  May 10
 FCB-10-02  Alberta Fire Code 2006 - Part 4 Responsibility  Nov 10
 FCB-11-01  Inspection, Maintenance & Recharging of Portable Fire Extinguishers  Reissued as 14-FCB-002
 FCB-14-01  Persons Qualified to Maintain Fire Alarm and Detection Systems  Oct 14
 14-FCB-002  Portable Fire Extinguishers  Feb 18
 14-BCB-004 14-FCB-003  Occupancy of Buildings Under Construction (Joint Building/Fire)  Mar 18
 14-BCB-005 14-FCB-004  Commissioning of Life Safety and Fire Protection Systems (Integrated Systems Testing) (Joint Building/Fire)  Mar 18
 14-FCB-005  Shipping Containers  May 18
  • Date modified: 2018-10-18