Fire Code Interpretation

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 FCI-08-01 Municipal Groundwater Projects at Risk from Underground Storage Tank Leaks  Mar 08
 FCI-08-02 Fencing of Aboveground Storage Tanks at Card- or Key-Activated Dispensing Facilities  Mar 08
 FCI-08-03 Parking - Propane Fuelled Vehicles  Mar 08
 FCI-08-04 Fire Hose Couplings and Fittings  Mar 08
 FCI-08-05 Approval of Individuals for Aboveground Tank Installations  Mar 08
 FCI-08-06 Existing Fire Alarm Systems  Mar 08
 FCI-08-07 Secondary Suites  Jan 08
 FCI-08-08 Refurbished Portable Extinguishers  Reissued as 14-FCB-002
 FCI-08-09 Fire Alarm System Audit  Jan 08
 FCI-09-01 Water Supplies and Access for Fire Fighting  Jul 09
 FCI-09-02 Protection of Adjacent Building  Jul 09
 FCI-09-03 FIRE SAFETY PLAN - Construction and Demolition Sites  Nov 09
 FCI-09-04 Maintenance of Commercial Cooking Equipment  Reissued as 14-FCI-005/14-BCI-022
 FCI-10-01 Low-Hazard Fireworks - Permits, Storage and Display  May 10
 FCI-10-02 Low-Hazard Fireworks - Enforcement  Nov 10
 FCI-12-01 Application - Alberta Fire Code  May 12
 FCI-12-02 Used Oil Indoor Storage Tank(s) Supplying Used-Oil Fuel Burning Appliances  July 12
 FCI-13-01 Existing Elevator Modernization/Fire Alarm Interface  Mar 13
 FCI-13-02 Questions Regarding Flood Impacted Fire Protection, Detection and Notification Equipment  Aug 13
 FCI-13-03  Liners for Secondary Containment - AFC 06, Division B, Article  Nov 13
 FCI-14-01  Use of Containers, Portable Tanks and Transportation Tanks for the Ongoing Storage and Dispensing of Flammable and Combustible Liquids  May 14
 FCI-14-02  Fixed Fire Suppression & Exhaust Systems - Cooking  Reissued as 14-FCI-005/14-BCI-022
 FCI-14-03  Sale and Use of Flying or Sky Lanterns  Feb 14
 FCI-14-04  Fixed Fire Suppression Systems - Non-Cooking  Feb 14
 FCI-16-001  Uncertified Consumer Fire Extinguishing/Suppression Devices  May 16
14-BCI-019 14-FCI-002 Occupancy Classification for Buildings Used for Parking, Repairing and Servicing Tank Vehicles (Joint Building/Fire)  Mar 16
14-FCI-003 Mobile/Temporary Cooking Equipment  May 18
14-FCI-004 Portable Fire Extinguisher Tags  May 18
14-FCI-005 14-BCI-022 Fixed Fire Suppression and Exhaust Systems - Cooking and Cleaning (Joint Fire/Building)   Oct 18

Interpretations Related to Fire:

 14-BCI-018  Elevator Operations and Accessibility  Jan 18
  • Date modified: 2018-10-19