Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta

The Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta (PTMAA) is a not-for-profit society delegated by the Province of Alberta the authority to register petroleum storage tank systems regulated under Part 4 of the Alberta Fire Code.  The PTMAA is also delegated the authority to certify individuals to install, remove, repair and test storage tank systems.

Services provided by the PTMAA include:

  • All matters related to the registration of petroleum storage tanks.
  • Approval of individuals who install, test, maintain, alter, upgrade or remove petroleum tank storage systems.
  • Ensuring that storage tank systems are designed, installed, upgraded, or operated in accordance with the Alberta Fire Code.
  • Compliance monitoring of new storage tank installations.
  • In-service inspection of existing storage tank installations.
  • Monitoring of storage tank closures.
  • Accident or incident investigation.
  • Enforcement.

For more information about the PTMAA and its services, contact:

#980, 10303 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 3N6
Phone: (780) 425-8265 or toll free: 1-866-222-8265
Fax: (780) 425-4722

  • Date modified: 2016-10-18