Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants

Authorized Distributors for NSF 40, Class 1, Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems

This is a list of Alberta distributors authorized by the manufacturer/parent company to sell their NSF 40 Class 1 Sewage Treatment Plants.


 Authorized Distributor  Treatment Plant  Manufacturer/Parent Company 
 Alberta Wilbert Sales  AdvanTex  Orenco Systems Inc.
 Bionest Technologies  Bionest  Bionest Technologies Inc.
 Diamond Tank Canada Ltd.  Aero-Tech  Aero-Tech
 FB Boersema Acreage Developments  Singulair  Norweco Inc.
 Janda Busse Treatment Systems  Busse GT  Janda Innovative Systeme GmbH
 Junior Construction  Singulair  Norweco Inc.
 MOCOAT Solutions  Mo-Dad  Acquired Wastewater Technologies, LLC
 Onsite Specialties Inc.  AdvanTex  Orenco Systems Inc.
 Parex Excavating and Wastewater  Singulair  Norweco Inc.
 Pinnacle Environmental  Fast  Bio-Microbics Inc.
 Polywest Ltd.  Ecopod  Pentair (formerly Delta Environmental Products)
 Premier Tech  Ecoflo Bioflo  Premier Tech Technologies Limited
 Seeker Membrane Technologies Inc.  Singulair  Norweco Inc.
 Septech Canada  SludgeHammer  SludgeHammer Group Ltd.
 Tanks-A-Lot  Singulair  Norweco Inc.
 West Rock Septic Solutions  Bluewater  Bluewater ATU Canada
 Westcon Precast Inc.  Pro Flo  Pro Flo Aerobic Systems, LP
 Western Pump  Jet Bat  Jet Inc.
 Wildcat Water Technologies Ltd.  Bionest  Bionest Technologies Inc.


The Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice, Sub-Section 5.2.3., sets out that treatment plants must be certified to the ANSI/NSF 40 Standard and have a Class 1 treatment capability. A treatment plant not certified to that standard is not acceptable in Alberta. NSF International requires as part of its certification program that all distributors for a treatment plant manufacturer be registered with NSF. There are other testing bodies such as Gulf Coast Testing that test treatment systems to the ANSI/NSF 40 Standard and may or may not register the distributors. The above list identifies companies regularly operating in Alberta that have been named distributors by the manufacturer.

Installers of these systems are required to be trained and registered with their authorized distributor. The above listing does not include individual installers as it would be too lengthy. The installer, upon request, must be able to provide evidence of who their authorized distributor is and that they have received the required installation and maintenance training.

Tanks used for packaged sewage treatment plants shall be certified as meeting the CAN/CSA-B66 Standard, or the BNQ Standard NQ 3680-905/208, or a Variance issued by the Administrator of Private Sewage providing a tank equivalency.

Supporting documentation that clearly specifies that the treatment plant conforms to the Standard and identifies the authorized distributor should form part of the Private Sewage Permit application package.

The ANSI/NSF 40 Standard includes a treatment plant maintenance component. The treatment plant purchase price includes a 2 year maintenance program to be done at 6 month intervals. The Authorized Distributors are responsible to ensure the required maintenance is carried out. Maintenance of treatment plant is critical to the ongoing successful operation of the overall treatment system. A treatment plant that is not producing high quality effluent will cause the absorption component of the system to fail.

To have an Authorized Distributor added to the list, please provide your details to the attention of the Private Sewage Discipline at Upon verification the list will be updated.

  • Date modified: 2017-04-24