Municipal Issues and IDR Success Stories

Municipal Issues in IDR

The Intermunicipal Dispute Resolution Initiative can address a wide range of intermunicipal issues, which include but are not limited to the following:

Section 117 of the Municipal Government Act requires that both the annexing municipality and the municipality from which land is to be annexed must meet to negotiate the proposals in good faith.  If there is no agreement, the municipalities must attempt mediation before a report can be filed with the Municipal Government Board to conduct a hearing. The report must include a description of the attempts to use mediation, and if mediation did not occur, the reasons for it.

Land Use Planning
Municipalities are required to use mediation to resolve intermunicipal land use disputes.  Section 690 of the Municipal Government Act stipulates that the municipalities involved must attempt mediation before the Municipal Government Board can hear the matter.  In many cases the appealing municipality will register its appeal with the Board in order to preserve its right to appeal before commencing with mediation.

Cost Sharing
Cost-sharing is becoming increasingly commonplace as municipalities seek to achieve efficiencies by working together to provide services to residents.  In cases where there are differences of opinions for how costs can be shared or difficulties in negotiations, municipalities are encouraged to seek the services of a mediator.  Mediations addressing these issues are eligible for support under the Intermunicipal Dispute Resolution Initiative.

Service Provision
Disputes can arise in areas where municipalities have joined together to provide services on a regional basis such as seniors housing, waste management, and water or sewer services.  Mediation services are available to the parties to assist in resolving these disputes and to create intermunicipal cooperation protocols.

IDR Success Stories

Municipalities, big and small, have used to the Intermunicipal Dispute Resolution Initiative to resolve issues with their neighbours. Here are their stories...

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Municipal District of Rocky View

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City of Fort Saskatchewan & Strathcona County

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City of Lloydminster & County of Vermilion River

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Town of Drayton Valley, Town of Brazeau, County of Brazeau & Village of Breton

Agreement Builds Friendship
County of Wetaskiwin & Summer Village of Crystal Springs

A Tale of Two Annexations
Municipal District of Rocky View, City of Airdrie & Town of Cochrane