MGB Board Order Definitions

Order Number

The Board Order numbers given to each specific Order. The numbers are sequential by year. For example, MGB 1/98 or AAAB 1/95.

Roll Number

Relates to the roll number the municipality has given to each property. If this field is used, the municipality name should also be completed.


If possible enter the full name of the municipality. For example, the "City of Camrose" or the "County of Camrose". If only Camrose is typed, the search will result in both municipalities being search.


A pull down list is provided for your selection. The default search is on ALL orders. Specific selections can be made to obtain more accurate results if you know the area of your search. Subject examples are assessment, planning, etc.


Party making the appeal. For example, John Doe or ABC Company.

Appellant Rep.

Agent or representative of the party making the appeal. For example, ABC Tax Consultants.


Party defending the appeal. For example, in the case of assessments, the respondent is usually the municipality.

Respondent Rep.

Agent or representative of the party defending the appeal.

Appeal Year

For assessment issues, the year of assessment under appeal. For other appeals, it is the year in which the complaint is made.

Appeal Decision

The default is to search all decisions. Complete only if you know if the decision was allowed or denied. Alternatively, if you know the decision of the Board did not result in an allowed or denied decision, such as in a case where a decision results in directions or procedures to the parties, the "other" selection can be used.

Decision Date

The default is to search all dates (approximately 200 orders per year). You can narrow your search and its results by specifying a range of dates.

  • Date modified: 2015-05-25