About The Ministry of Municipal Affairs

Major Responsibilities

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs:

  • Assists municipalities in providing well-managed, collaborative, and accountable local government to Albertans.
  • Administers a safety system that strives to ensure appropriate safety standards for the construction and maintenance of buildings and equipment.
  • Manages the network of municipal and library system boards to provide province-wide access to high-quality public library services for Albertans.
  • The Alberta Emergency Management Agency is responsible for co-ordinating a comprehensive, cross-government, all-hazards approach to managing emergencies in the province.
  • The Municipal Government Board is an independent, quasi-judicial board that conducts hearings and renders decisions on such matters as property assessment, and provides recommendations to Cabinet on matters defined under the Municipal Government Act, such as contested annexations.
  • The New Home Buyer Protection Board (NHBPB) hears appeals of decisions issued by the New Home Buyer Protection Office. Board members are appointed by the Minister of Municipal Affairs.
  • The Safety Codes Council is a corporation established under the Safety Codes Act that reviews safety codes and standards and supports the Ministry's administration of the act.
  • The Special Areas Board manages about 2.6 million acres of public land in the province's three Special Areas and provides municipal services, such as construction and maintenance of local roads and parks, and emergency and protective services, to the dryland region in eastern Alberta.
  • The seven Improvement Districts, located primarily in the National Parks, provide limited administrative services, such
    as budget preparation, and in the case of Improvement District No. 9 fire protection and ambulance services.

We work with our partners in Alberta municipalities, other government departments and local organizations to achieve these goals.

General Information

Choose from the following key links to learn more about the organization of the ministry, the municipalities and people we serve, our key clients, stakeholders and goals:

Contact Municipal Affairs

Municipal Information: 780-427-2225

Questions regarding: municipal councils, elections, bylaws, land use/re-zoning, Municipal Government Act, municipal legislation and regulation, municipal taxes, municipal financial and statistical information, municipal internship program, municipal sustainability strategy, municipal excellence program, inter-municipal relations, improvement districts, municipal associations, education tax and equalized assessment, abandoned wells, gas wells, and viability reviews.

Municipal Grant Information: 780-422-7125

Questions regarding: municipal grant programs, such as: Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI), the Alberta Community Partnership, the Federal Gas Tax Fund, the Federal Small Communities Fund, and the Tank Site Remediation Program.

Education Tax and Equalized Assessment Information: 780-422-7125

Questions regarding: education property tax, equalized assessment, Community Revitalization Levies and the Community Organization Property Tax Exemption Regulation. 

Assessment Information: 780-422-1377

Questions regarding: property assessment, taxation, and best practices; assessment audit and assessment information compliance reviews; and linear property assessment.

Codes/Home Warranty/Fire Commissioner: 780-644-1010 or 1-866-421-6929

Questions regarding: safety codes (includes building code, fire code, electrical code, private sewage, plumbing code, and gas code), building permits, building modifications, rain water harvesting, reclaimed water, building codes and accessibility for people with disabilities, Office of the Fire Commissioner, home warranty, and the New Home Buyer Protection Office.

Alberta Emergency Management Agency: 780-422-9000

Questions regarding: Disaster Recovery Programs (DRP), Municipal Wildfire Assistance Programs (MWAP), recovery assistance for localized disasters, personal emergency preparedness, government emergency plans, Government of Alberta business continuity plans, provincial coordination of emergency response efforts, administration and operation of the Provincial Operations Centre (POC), Alberta Emergency Alert, administration of Emergency 911 program, provincial support to Community Emergency Management Programs (CEMP), National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP), Municipal Emergency Management Grant Program (MEMP), emergency management training and Incident Command System training (ICS Alberta).

Municipal Government Board: 780-427-4864

Questions regarding: subdivision appeals (where land is affected by provincial interest), annexations, inter-municipal complaints and appeals about land use, linear property assessment appeals, New Home Buyer Protection Board of Appeals, and disputes involving management bodies and municipalities.

Special Areas Board: 403-854-5600

Questions regarding: the special areas.

Public Library Services: 780-427-4871

Questions regarding: public library services.

Alberta Government Library: 780-427-2985

Questions regarding: requesting Municipal Affairs’ Ministerial Orders or publications.

General Inquires: 780-427-2732