Alberta Community Partnership (ACP)

What's New

  • Application intake for all 2018/19 ACP components is now closed.
  • The 2018/19 program year will be the final year that applicants will be able to submit their ACP applications and reporting via mail, fax or email, as next year it will be mandatory to use ACP Online (ACPO), which is accessed through MAConnect.
    • Additional information on ACPO is provided below under the heading, How to Apply.
  • Intermunicipal Collaboration (IC) - Project eligibility continues to give priority to projects that focus on Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks and Intermunicipal Development Plans.
    • IC component information has been updated to add clarity on project eligibility and submission of detailed project budgets.
    • The deadline for IC applications was November 1, 2018.
  • Local Land Use Planning (LLUP) – This component provides grants to small municipalities that are creating municipal development plans for the first time and was extended for this program year.
    • The deadline for LLUP applications was November 1, 2018.
  • Municipal Restructuring (MR) - Applicants to the Restructuring Study Stream (Infrastructure Study) will be required to use the Viability Review Infrastructure Terms of Reference template as part of their procurement documentation.
    • The deadline for Mr applications was February 1, 2019.
  • Mediation and Cooperative Processes (MCP) - Under the Cooperative Processes Stream, funding support is available for a mediator or third party facilitator's fees and travel costs to assist in negotiating service agreements pertaining to Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework and/or Intermunicipal Development Plans.
    • The deadline for MCP applications was February 1, 2019.
  • Please refer to the 2018/19 ACP Program Guidelines for further information on specific components.
  • The 2018/19 ACP budget commitment is $18.5 million, no change from the budget commitment in 2017/18.

Program Description

The 2018/19 ACP budget is $18.5 million. The objective of the ACP is to improve the viability and long-term sustainability of municipalities by providing support for regional collaboration and capacity building initiatives.

Key program outcomes include:
  • new or enhanced regional municipal services;
  • improved municipal capacity to respond to municipal and regional priorities; and
  • effective intermunicipal relations through joint and collaborative activities.

Eligible Entities

  • Municipalities (cities, towns, villages, summer villages, municipal districts, specialized municipalities, improvement districts, and special areas)
  • Métis Settlements
  • Townsite of Redwood Meadows Administration Society
  • Calgary Metropolitan Region Board and Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board
  • Municipally controlled planning service agencies (eligible only under the Municipal Internship component to host a Land Use Planner intern)

Eligible Projects/Components

Intermunicipal Collaboration

  • Provides funding to partnerships of two or more municipalities to develop or expand regional municipal service delivery.

Municipal Restructuring

  • Provides funding to municipalities involved with regional governance and municipal restructuring processes such as amalgamation, dissolution, or viability reviews.

Mediation and Cooperative Processes

  • Provides funding to municipalities to help develop collaborative protocols and processes to proactively manage conflict, and to enable municipalities to rely on an agreed-upon process for collaboration.
  • Provides funding to support municipalities in using mediation, facilitation, or other dispute resolution alternatives to resolve inter-municipal conflict or to assist with intermunicipal collaboration framework negotiations.

Additional information regarding Mediation and Cooperative Processes

Municipal Internship

  • Provides funding to municipalities or planning service agencies to recruit, train and retain competent municipal employees who may pursue careers in municipal administration, finance, or land use planning.

Additional information regarding Municipal Internship

Local Land Use Planning

  • The Local Land Use Planning component is a limited term component which provides grants to municipalities with populations under 3,500 that did not have a Municipal Development Plan (MDP) in force by bylaw prior to December 9, 2016, and that are creating an MDP for the first time.

Application and Reporting Deadlines

  • Application intake deadline for the Mediation and Cooperative Processes, Municipal Restructuring, and Strategic Initiatives components was February 1, 2019.
  • The application intake deadline for the Intermunicipal Collaboration and Local Land Use Planning components was November 1, 2018.
  • Application intake deadline for the Municipal Internship component was September 1, 2018.
  • For all components, final reporting is due within 60 days after the project completion date and is to be completed using the ACP Statement of Funding and Expenditures (SFE).  Additional reporting may be required under some components.

How to Apply

Application intake for all 2018/19 ACP components is now closed.

Access to ACPO is through MAConnect, the web portal that provides external stakeholders secure access to Municipal Affairs’ key business applications.

ACPO gives municipalities the ability to:

  • create, edit and submit ACP applications online;
  • view and track the status of ACP applications;
  • view agreement, payment, and reporting summary information for projects funded under ACP or the former Regional Collaboration Program (RCP); and
  • create, edit and submit ACP or RCP Statements of Funding and Expenditures (SFEs).

MAConnect can be found at Municipalities that have already signed up for MAConnect can request staff access to ACPO through the municipality’s MAConnect Stakeholder Administrator. The Stakeholder Administrator is the person delegated to manage access to applications in MAConnect on behalf of the municipality through the MAConnect Stakeholder Agreement. If the municipality needs to assign another Stakeholder Administrator, a request can be emailed to

Municipalities that do not have access to MAConnect will need to enter into a Stakeholder Agreement before requesting access to ACPO. The Stakeholder Agreement can be requested by emailing to or contacting
780-644-2413 (toll-free 310-0000). Once the Stakeholder Agreement has been signed and returned to Municipal Affairs, the municipality will be able to request access to ACPO through their designated Stakeholder Administrator.

An ACPO user guide is available under Current Program Materials below.

Current Program Materials

Compliance Program Materials

For Projects Funded Under the Former Regional Collaboration Program (RCP)

For more information, please contact a Grant Advisor at the following:

Grants and Education Property Tax Branch
Alberta Municipal Affairs
15th Floor, Commerce Place
10155 - 102 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4L4

Phone: 780-422-7125
Dial 310-0000 for toll-free connection in Alberta
Fax: 780-422-9133

  • Date modified: 2019-02-04