Gas Safety Information Bulletins

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 G-01-03-B149 [Rev2]  Replacement Parts for Gas-Fired Appliances  Jun 2016
 G-02-01a [Rev3]  Uncertified Appliances and Equipment Requires Special Inspection and Approval  Jan 2018
 P/G-08-02 [Rev 3]  Requirements for Combination Heating Systems: Dual Purpose Water (Potable) Heater (Combo Unit) - EXPIRED  Nov 2012
 G-03-02 Gas [Rev2]  Propane/Natural Gas Utility Connection  Jun 2016
 G-05-01-B149 [Rev3]  Outdoor Propane Appliances located on Decks and Balconies  Jun 2016
 G-05-02-B149.1 [Rev3]  Residential Appliance Venting, Vent Connectors and Liners  Jun 2016
 G-06-01-B149.1 [Rev1]  Damage Due to Strain from Building Settlement  Jun 2016
 G-08-01-B149.1/B149.2 [Rev2]  Temporary Heat for Construction Sites  Jun 2016
 G-01-10 [Rev1]  Sidewall Vent Terminations  Jun 2016
 G-02-10 [Rev1]  Appliances and Equipment Require Special Certification for Installation at High Altitude  Jun 2016
 G-01-11 [Rev1]  Direct Vent Appliances and Equipment Requiring ULC S636 Certified Venting Systems  Jun 2016
 G-02-11-ABSA [Rev1]  Liquefied Petroleum Gas Storage Vessel Installations  Jun 2016
 G-03-11-ABSA [Rev2]  Fuel Gas Pressure Piping in Plants  Jun 2016
 G-04-11-ABSA [Rev1]  Propane Storage Tanks Designed for 200 PSIG  Jun 2016
 G-01-13 [Rev1]  Door air heaters, Direct fired makeup air heaters, and non-recirculating direct gas-fired industrial air heaters  Jun 2016
 G-02-13 [Rev1]  Engineered Designs for Site Specific Gas-Fired Process Equipment - EXPIRED  Jun 2016
 G-01-14 [Rev1]  Walkways and Guard Rails  Jun 2016
 G-02-14 [Rev2]  Legacy Equipment Management Systems  Jul 2016
G-01-17  Gas Fired Appliances Used for Heating Buildings Under Construction  Oct 2017

 Bulletins Related to Gas:

 14-BCI-004  Mechanically Vented Appliances  Nov 2017
 14-FCI-003  Mobile/Temporary Cooking Equipment  May 2018
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