Municipal Statistical Return

Section 577 of the Municipal Government Act requires that each Municipality prepare and submit to Alberta Municipal Affairs a Statistical Information Return.

Ministerial Order No. MSL: 031/17 requires each municipality to prepare the 2016 Statistical Information Return (SIR), which must be signed by the chief administrative officer, or duly authorized signing officer, and submitted to Municipal Affairs by
July 4, 2017.

Please submit the signed and dated 2016 SIR and the municipality’s 2017 Property Tax Bylaw in the following formats:

  • 2016 SIR in MS Excel format
  • Scanned (pdf) signed and dated 2016 SIR
  • Scanned (pdf) signed and dated 2017 Property Tax Bylaw

Below are the downloadable 2016 SIR form and instructions:

The completed Statistical Information Return must be submitted by July 4, 2017 and can be sent back to Alberta Municipal Affairs via email by clicking here.

Please contact the Municipal Services Branch at 780 427-2225 for assistance

  • Date modified: 2017-05-09