Building Code Interpretations


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Alberta Building Code 2014 Interpretations


 14-BCI-001  Application of Energy Efficiency Requirements and Enforcement Date  Apr. 16
 14-BCI-002R1  Visual Signals  May 18
 14-BCI-004  Mechanically Vented Appliances (Joint Building/Gas)  Jun. 17
 14-BCI-005  Rooms Containing Gaseous Chlorine  Jul. 17
 14-BCI-006  Barrier-Free Design Requirements: Relaxations  Jul. 17
 14-BCI-007  Application of the Alberta Building Code for Structural Insulated Panels  Nov. 17
 14-BCI-008  Wind Turbines  Nov. 17
 14-BCI-009  Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression System Verification and Testing Certificates  Nov. 17
 14-BCI-010  Hydronic Heating Systems (Joint Building/Plumbing)  Nov. 17
 14-BCI-011  Insulation for Attached Garages  Nov. 17
 14-BCI-012  Minimum Thickness of Footings  Dec. 17
 14-BCI-013  Determination of Grade  Dec. 17
 14-BCI-014  Retaining Walls  Dec. 17
 14-BCI-015  Barrier-Free Access to Stages  Dec. 17
 14-BCI-016  Photoluminescent Exit Signs  Dec. 17
 14-BCI-017  Soil Gas Vent Termination (Joint Building/Plumbing)  Dec. 17
 14-BCI-018  Elevator Operations and Accessibility  Jan. 18

 14-BCI-019             14-FCI-002

 Occupancy Classification for Buildings Used for Parking, Repairing and Servicing Tank Vehicles (Joint Building/Fire)  Mar. 18
 14-BCI-020  Non-Liquid Disposal Systems  Mar. 18
 14-BCI-021  Application of 9.36. Energy Efficiency Requirements to Existing Buildings  May 18

14-FCI-005              14-BCI-022


Fixed Fire Suppression and Exhaust Systems - Cooking and Cleaning (Joint Fire/Building)   Oct. 2018

Interpretations related to Building

14-FCI-003  Mobile/Temporary Cooking Equipment  May 18

Alberta Building Code 2006 Interpretations

 Index  Building Code Interpretation - Index  Feb. 13
 06-BCI-001-R1  Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression System Verification and Testing Certificates  Reissued as 14-BCI-009
 06-BCI-002  Natural Gas Regulating and Metering Station Buildings  Reissued as 14-BCV-013
 06-BCI-003  Rooms Containing Gaseous Chlorine  Reissued as 14-BCI-005
 06-BCI-004  Row Housing, Duplexes and Condominiums  Sept. 07
 06-BCI-005-R1  Two-Hour Fire Walls  Feb. 08
 06-BCI-006  Roof Anchors Reissued as 14-BCB-002
 06-BCI-007R1  Secondary Suites (Withdrawn)  Feb. 13
 06-BCI-008  Buildings Used for the Storage, Repair or Servicing of Tank Vehicles  Reissued as 14-BCI-019 / 14-FCI-002
 06-BCI-009  Manufactured Solariums, Greenhouses and Sunrooms for Residential Use (Withdrawn)  Nov. 07
 06-BCI-010  Adaptable Dwelling Units  (Withdrawn)  Mar. 08
 06-BCI-011R2  Visual Signal Appliances for Fire Alarm Systems

 Reissued as 14-BCI-002

 06-BCI-012  Hydronic Heating Systems  Reissued as 14-BCI-010
 06-BCI-013  Determination of Grade  Reissued as 14-BCI-013
 06-BCI-014  Minimum Thickness of Footings  Reissued as 14-BCI-012
 06-BCI-015  Manufactured Structural Components  Reissued as 14-BCV-016
 06-BCI-016  Stairs in Dwelling Units (Withdrawn)  Feb. 09
 06-BCI-017  Sealing of Joints in Ventilation Systems Ductwork  May 09
 06-BCI-018  Tall Wall Generic Engineering Details  Reissued as 14-BCV-002
 06-BCI-019  Barrier-Free Access to Stages  Reissued as 14-BCI-015
 06-BCI-020  Post-Disaster Buildings Housing Emergency Response Vehicles and Personnel  June 09
 06-BCI-021  HIRF - Floor-to-Floor Fire Compartments  June 09
 06-BCI-022  HIRF - Separation of Glazed Openings (Withdrawn)  June 09
 06-BCI-023  HIRF - Attached Garage Insulation Values (Withdrawn)  July 09
 06-BCI-024  Over-the-Range (OTR) Microwaves (Withdrawn)  June 09
 06-BCI-025  Fire Department Response Time  Oct. 09
 06-BCI-026  Day Care Facility Location Restrictions (Withdrawn)  Feb. 10
 06-BCI-027  Day Care Classifications (Withdrawn)  Feb. 10
 06-BCI-028  Elevators and Passenger-Elevating Devices  Reissued as 14-BCV-006
 06-BCI-029  Retaining Walls  Reissued as 14-BCI-014
 06-BCI-030R1  Wind Turbines  Reissued as 14-BCI-008
 06-BCI-031  Lateral Bracing of Residential Concrete Foundation Walls Generic Engineering Details (Withdrawn)  Sept. 10
 06-BCI-032  Mechanically Vented Appliances  Reissued as 14-BCI-004
 06-BCI-033  Waterless Urinals (Withdrawn)  Sept. 12
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