Building Code Variances


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Alberta Building Codes 2014 Variances



 Joint Fire/Building Code Variance - Construction Site Fire Safety Plans

 Apr. 2016
14-BCV-002R1  Tall Wall Generic Engineered Details  Sept. 2017
14-BCV-003R1  Wind Data For Low-Rise Buildings Guideline  Sept. 2017
14-BCV-004  Spans for Joists, Rafter and Beams  May 2017
14-BCV-005  CSA-A277-16 Procedure for Certification of Prefabricated Buildings, Modules, and Panels  May 2017
14-BCV-006  Elevator and Passenger-Elevating Devices Jun. 2017
14-BCV-007  Interior Stairways for Roof Access Jun. 2017
14-BCV-008  Separation of Suites in Strip Malls Jun. 2017
14-BCV-009  Polyethylene Film for Greenhouse Enclosures Jul. 2017
14-BCV-010  Interconnected Smoke Alarms Oct. 2017
14-BCV-011        14-FCV-012  Door Release Hardware (Joint Building/Fire) Oct. 2017
14-BCV-012  Oil and Gas Processing Facilities Nov. 2017
14-BCV-013  Natural Gas Regulating and Metering Station Buildings Nov. 2017
14-BCV-014  Lowered Workspaces in Service Garages Dec. 2017
14-BCV-015  Multi-Level Storage Racking Systems Dec. 2017
14-BCV-016  Manufactured Structural Components in the Construction of One-Family and Two-Family Dwellings Dec. 2017
14-BCV-017  Energuide Rating System for New Homes Jan. 2018
14-BCV-018R1  Sprinkler-Protected Glazing in Fire-Resistant Wall Assemblies Jan. 2019
14-BCV-019  Insulation Below a Heated Floor Oct. 2018
14-FCV-022        14-BCV-020  Sprinkler Systems with Antifreeze Solutions (Joint Fire/Building)  Jan 2019

Alberta Building Code 2006 Variances

 Index  Building Code Variance - Index  July 2013
 06-BCV-001  Oil and Gas Processing Facilities  Reissued as 14-BCV-012
 06-BCV-002  Separation of Suites in Strip Malls  Reissued as 14-BCV-008
 06-BCV-003  Spans for Joists, Rafter and Beams  Reissued as 14-BCV-004
 06-BCV-004  Fire Protection for Washroom and Kitchen Exhaust Ductwork in Combustible Residential Occupancies (Withdrawn)  Sept. 2007
 06-BCV-005  Limited Use Limited Application (LULA) Elevators  Reissued as 14-BCV-006
 06-BCV-006  Protective Covers for Hot Tubs (Withdrawn)  Sept. 2007
 06-BCV-007  Lowered Workspaces in Service Garages  Reissued as 14-BCV-014
 06-BCV-008  Polyethylene Film for Greenhouse Enclosures  Reissued as 14-BCV-009
 06-BCV-009-R1  Interior Stairways for Roof Access  Reissued as 14-BCV-007
 06-BCV-010  Sprinkler-Protected Glazing in Fire-Resistant Wall Assemblies  Reissued as 14-BCV 018
 06-BCV-011-R1  Multi-Level Storage Racking Systems  Reissued as 14-BCV-015
 06-BCV-12  Tall Wall Generic Engineering Details  Reissued as 06-BCI-018
 06-BCV-013  Youth Intervention Facilities  Jan. 2009
 06-BCV-014-R1  Water Supply for Fire Fighting for Industrial Buildings (Withdrawn)  June 2010

 Establishment of Temporary Neighbourhoods for Post-Disaster Occupancy

 July 2013
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