Elevators STANDATA

Elevating Devices STANDATA, developed jointly by Alberta Municipal Affairs and the Safety Codes Council, are information bulletins containing interpretations, clarifications, recommended practices or province-wide variances on Codes and Standards matters related to the Safety Codes Act.

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 ED-03-01  Frequency of In-Service Safety Inspections in Support of Certificate of Operation Permits  Jul 2003
 ED-03-02  Certificate of Construction Permit Duration of Validation Requirements  Jul 2003
 ED-03-03  Elevating Devices Codes Regulation AR 240/2003  Jul 2003
 ED-2009-001  Elevating Devices Codes Regulation AR 62/2009  Mar 2009
 ED-2009-002  Tethered Children and Elevators/Escalators  Jan 2009
 ED-2009-003  Elevating Devices Codes Regulation - Safety Enhancements for Existing Elevators  Feb 2009
 ED-2009-004  Elevating Devices Codes Regulation - Passenger Elevator Modernizations and Alterations for Existing Elevators  Feb 2009 
 ED-2009-005-R1  Elevating Devices Codes Regulation (New Installations)  Feb 2016
 ED-2009-006  Elevating Devices Codes Regulation (Alteration or Modernization)  Dec 2009 
 ED-2014-001-R1  Hydraulic Control Valves   Feb 2016

 Alberta Regulation Elevating Devices Codes Regulation AR 192/2015 - Single Bottom Cylinder Upgrades

 Jan 2016
ED-2017-001 New Standard for Elevator Suspension, Compensation, and Governor Systems Jun 2017

Related Building Code STANDATA


 06-BCV-005  Limited Use Limited Application (LULA) Elevators Reissued as 14-BCV-006  Sep 2007
 14-BCI-018  Elevator Operations and Accessibility  Jan 2018
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