Growth Management Boards

The province has recognized that ongoing growth in Alberta’s metropolitan regions will generate increased demand for services and infrastructure, put pressure on the natural and built environments, and create opportunities for economic prosperity.

As such, the province has established growth management boards for the Calgary and Edmonton metropolitan regions to help ensure regional collaboration and coordinated decision making.

The mandate of growth management boards is to:

  • Promote the long-term sustainability of the region;
  • Ensure environmentally responsible land-use planning, growth management and efficient use of land;
  • Develop policies regarding the coordination of regional infrastructure investment and service delivery;
  • Promote the economic well-being and competitiveness of the regions; and
  • Develop policies outlining how the Board shall engage the public on the Growth Plan and Servicing Plan.

The growth management boards will achieve this by developing a regional Growth Plan and Servicing Plan that will guide integrated planning and service delivery throughout the region. Growth Management Boards will use a Regional Evaluation Framework that they create to ensure that statutory plans align with the goals and principles agreed to in the Growth Plan.

Both Growth Management Boards are made up of the core municipality (Calgary or Edmonton), all adjacent rural municipalities, and all urban municipalities with more than 5,000 citizens.

  • Date modified: 2017-11-07