Frequently Asked Questions


Consumer/Home Owner

Q. How do I renew my residential builder licence?

  • Log in to your Builder's Portal through MAConnect
  • Update your Builder Profile (Click on Launch, and then click on Builder Profile)
  • Fill out the licence renewal application (Click on Licensing, and then click on Apply for Renewal)
  • Pay the licence renewal fee of $500

Q. How do I update my Builder Profile?

  • Ensure that persons in control (directors, majority shareholders, and officers) are listed under Contacts and align with your information in the Alberta Corporate Registry (CORES)
  • Confirm that majority shareholder companies and associated companies are listed under Associated Companies and align with your information in the Alberta Corporate Registry (CORES)
  • Upload current and valid driver's licence copies for all persons in control (directors, majority shareholders, and officers), under Attachments in the Builder Profile
  • A majority shareholder or majority shareholder company owns 25% or more shares

Q. What is an Officer?

  • An employee of the corporation who is actually performing work that, if the employee were not working for the corporation, would require a licence (engaging in, managing or arranging for the construction of a new home)
  • A supervisor of any employee described above

Q. How do I apply for a new residential builder licence?

  • Application is online through the New Home Buyer Protection System Builder's Portal.
  • A how to apply video is available to walk builders through the process
  • Builders who have registered new residential homes previously may already have access to the builder's portal
  • If a builder does not already have access, they must submit a request to access the system in order to apply for a licence. Home builders can request access to the portal by submitting a NHBPS Access Request.

Q. What are the licensing fees?

  • An new licence application costs $600
  • Each renewal licence application costs $500

Q. How long will it take to get my new or renewal builder licence?

  • Our target timeline for processing an application is 14 business days. However, this could be extended if information is not current or is missing. Please be sure that your builder profile is current and up to date, and aligns with your information in the Alberta Corporate Registry.
  • Here are some things to check before submitting your application:
    • Your company details are correct and fully complete
    • All directors, majority shareholders (25% or more shares), and officers are listed correctly under "Contacts"
    • All building related associated organizations and majority shareholder companies are listed under "Associated Companies"
    • Driver's licences are uploaded under attachments for all directors, majority shareholders, and officers, and are current (not expired)

Q. How long is the licence valid?

  • For one year

Q. What information will I need to provide to apply for a builder licence?

  • You must provide information about your business including:
    • names and contact information for directors, majority shareholders, and officers; and ensure that the information aligns with the information in the Alberta Corporate Registry (CORES)
    • list of associated building companies and majority shareholder companies and ensure that the information aligns with the information in the Alberta Corporate Registry (CORES)
    • photocopies of the driver's licences of all company directors, majority shareholders, and officers
    • proof of acceptance by a warranty provider
  • You must answer questions about:
    • any history of fraud or building-related court proceedings
    • any undischarged bankruptcies or arrangements under the Companies' Creditor Arrangement Act that have not been completed, and
    • your organization's compliance with safety and consumer protection legislation

Q. What safety and consumer protection legislation will I answer questions about?

  • New Home Buyer Protection Act
  • Safety Codes Act
  • Condominium Property Act
  • Fair Trading Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Similar legislation of another province or country

Q. Where can I go for more information or help with my licence application?

Q. Are there different classes of licence?

  • Yes, Developer and General Contractor

Q. How will I know which licence class to apply for?

  • It is important to apply for the class of licence that is reflective of your business
  • A licensed developer can register properties where the Alberta Building Code requires the involvement of a coordinating registered professional (typically residential projects with five or more dwelling units, such as condominiums). When the project requires the involvement of a coordinating registered professional, the builder is required to have a developer licence.
  • A licensed general contractor can register properties where the Alberta Building Code does not require the involvement of a coordinating registered professional (typically single-family or multi-family homes up to four dwelling units).

Q. What do I need to provide when applying for a building permit for a new home?

  • A builder must present their Certificate of Licence (builder licence) and the Approved New Home Registration for that new home. Both documents are required each time a builder applies for a building permit to construct a new home

Q. I am a renovator; do I require a builder licence?

  • A renovator requires a builder licence only when a renovation is substantial, when 75% or more of a rebuilt home is additional new construction, and it requires new home warranty coverage. Other renovation activities do not fall within the scope of builder licensing.

Q. Does builder licensing apply to the construction of condominiums?

  • Yes. The construction of condominiums is regulated under the New Home Buyer Protection Act, as is any new home construction

Q. Does builder licensing apply to manufactured homes?

  • Yes. A manufactured home is included in the definition of "new home", under the New Home Buyer Protection Act
  • The residential builder is accountable for all construction of a manufactured home, is to ensure the home is registered, and to obtain the building permit

Q. Does builder licensing impact trade sub-contractors?

  • Trade sub-contractors are not required to have a builder licence. The builder is responsible for managing the project, including which sub-trades to hire and how much financial risk they will assume. Sub-trades are the responsibility of the builder and are not covered under builder licensing.

Consumer / Home Owner
Q. How do I know if a residential builder is licensed?

Q. How do I know if a new home has warranty?

Q. I own a home, and I am looking to do renovations. Does my renovator need a residential builder licence?

  • No, unless the renovation is substantial and results in 75% or more of the home being new construction
  • However, there may be other licence requirements for your renovator such as a municipal business licence or a prepaid contractors licence

Q. How can I tell if a licensed builder built the house I'm buying?

  • A list of Alberta licensed home builders is located here.
  • If your house was built prior to December 1, 2017, your builder was not licensed at the time of building your home. Builder licensing was implemented on December 1, 2017.

Q. The house I bought was built in September 2017. Should the builder have been licensed?

  • No, when your house was built, the builder licensing program was not yet implemented. Builder licensing started on December 1, 2017.
  • The house, however, was required to have new home warranty. The New Home Buyer Protection program began in February 2014.
  • Information about Alberta's new home buyer protection program is located here:

Q. What information can a prospective homeowner ask a builder for?

  • Does the home have new home warranty coverage?
  • When will the warranty coverage commence?
  • Has it commenced already?
  • Was the home previously owned? If the home was previously owned, find out if there is any existing home warranty coverage.
  • Ask to see the home warranty policy documents. They contain details about coverage and the expiry dates of the coverages.
  • More information about Alberta's new home buyer protection program is located here:
  • Date modified: 2019-02-07