How do I find out about Municipalities and Municipal Officials?

About Municipalities

Alberta is made up of cities, towns, villages, hamlets, summer villages, municipal districts and specialized municipalities, all of which are considered municipalities under the Municipal Government Act (MGA). Municipalities are often associated with municipal councils and the people who serve as the elected officials on those councils. Municipalities provide services to the communities that they serve, providing services such as road maintenance, water and wastewater utilities, waste management, and emergency management. For more information about municipalities in Alberta, please visit the What are Municipalities page. 

Information about Municipalities

Check out the links below to find information about municipalities.

Municipal Officials Directory

The municipal officials directory provides contact information for municipal officials - councillors, chief administrative officers and the FOIP contact for each municipality. Pre-prepared mailing labels and mailing lists are also available for download on this page.

Municipal Profiles

The municipal profiles provides a summary of information about each municipality and regional services commission in Alberta. The profiles include information about contact information, elected officials, incorporation history and restructuring, basic statistics, revenues and expenses, property assessment, as well as tax rates for each municipality. 

Municipal Affairs Population Lists

Each year, Municipal Affairs prepares a population list based on the latest federal and municipal census data available. The population lists are used for policy development, land use planning, service delivery and other purposes.

Alberta Regional Dashboard

The Alberta Regional Dashboard is an initiative by Alberta Economic Development and Trade to compile and publish data from over 70 datasets from across the Government of Alberta for each municipality. The Alberta Regional Dashboard is in beta (trial phase) at this time and will be continuously improved over time. 

Provincial Legislation and Regulations for Municipalities

Municipal Affairs is responsible for ten statutes (or Acts) and over 180 regulations that apply to municipalities, regional services commissions, safety codes agencies, public libraries and emergency management entities. 


Municipal Associations in Alberta

Rural Municipalities of Alberta

Rural Municipalities of Alberta is an independent association comprising and representing Alberta‚Äôs 69 counties and municipal districts. 

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association

The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association represents Alberta's urban municipaities. This includes cities, towns, villages, summer villages, and specialized municipalities, as well as associate and affiliate members.

Association of Summer Villages of Alberta

The Association of Summer Villages of Alberta is a non-profit association that provides a common forum and represents the interests of all summer villages in Alberta. 


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