Subdivision Appeals

Forms, Fee, and Rules

Notice of Appeal Form
Appeal Fee - $0
Subdivision Appeal Procedure Rules (June 1, 2018)

Where Subdivision Appeals are Filed

Subdivision appeals are heard by the MGB or municipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Boards, depending on where the land to be subdivided is located.

The MGB hears subdivision appeals where the land that is the subject of the appeal:
  • Is within Alberta’s Green Area; 
  • Is 'adjacent' to or contains a Body of Water; ('Adjacent' means contiguous or would be contiguous if not for a railway, road, utility right of way or reserve land).

  • Is adjacent to or contains (either partially or wholly) land identified on the Listing of Historic Resources or public land set aside for use as historic resources.
  • Is within the following distances:
    • 1600 metres of a Provincial Highway;
    • 450 metres of a Hazardous Waste Management Facility;
    • 450 metres of the working area of an operating Landfill;
    • 300 metres of the disposal area of any Landfill;
    • 300 metres of a Waste water Treatment Plant; or
    • 300 metres of the working area of a Non-Hazardous Waste Storage Site.

Some of these distances may be varied in writing by a provincial government department.

• Flowchart - Subdivision Appeals in Alberta

**Please note Bulletins are in the process of being updated to reflect recent changes in the Legislation. If you have any questions, please contact the MGB.

DISCLAIMER – These bulletins provide general guidance only and are not offered as legal or land planning advice.  Each appeal is unique. The details in these bulletins may not apply to every case, or to future decisions of the Board.  Please contact the MGB office if you have any questions.


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