Special Areas Board

The Special Areas cover about 5.1 million acres of southeastern Alberta. More than 16 hamlets (communities smaller than villages) such as Jenner, Monitor and Altario are located in the Special Areas. The three areas all experienced particular hardship in the Depression and drought of the 1930s.

In 1938, the Alberta government established a special governing body to provide municipal services to these three areas. That body is called the Special Areas Board. The board has its authority delegated to it from the Minister of Alberta Municipal Affairs through a Ministerial Order.

Special Areas Board consists of four members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council pursuant to section 29(1)(3) of the Special Areas Act:

  • The Chair is a full-time member of the Alberta Public Service who reports directly to the Assistant Deputy Minister of Municipal Services and Legislation Division of Alberta Municipal Affairs.
  • The three other members are nominated by the Special Areas Advisory Council, which selects three of its 13 members every four years through a vote.The nominees are then recommended for appointment by the Minister of Alberta Municipal Affairs.
  • All four members of the Special Areas Board are required to follow a Code of Conduct and Ethics established by the board.

The Special Areas Board works closely with the Special Areas Advisory Council.  The 13 members of this council are elected to their positions by the residents of the Special Areas every four years under the Local Authorities Election Act.


  • Date modified: 2018-08-23